Gracepoint is an American series for the Fox network adapted from Chris Chibnall's original British show Broadchurch for the ITV network, and follows the original story quite closely. However the two series deviate on some key points. It has been stated that although much of Gracepoint will follow the story of Broadchurch, the final outcome will be different, along with some of the plot-twists along the way, especially around Episode 7.

The note-worth differences are listed below.


Broadchurch Gracepoint
8 episodes long 10 episodes long
British (ITV) American (FOX)
Pretty free with language levels given its subject and airtime, for example:
  • “He’s a little shit” (Ellie about Olly after leaking Danny's name)
  • “Bloody Twitter!” (D.I. Hardy after the leak via Twitter)
  • “I should hang him from his bollocks from the town hall spire” (Maggie, again about Olly and the leak)
  • "Piss off" (Apparently Beth to Mark when he tried to wake her up).
Nobody says anything stronger than "hell", for example:
  • "Go to Hell" (Apparently Beth to Mark when he tried to wake her up).
  • "Son of a bitch" (Ellie to the lockers after owning up to leak)

Episode 1Edit

Broadchurch Gracepoint
Danny was found with bruising around his neck, suggesting he had been strangled by somebody with big hands before being placed at the bottom of the cliff. Danny was found to have died from a blow to the head from a blunt object before being moved to the base of the cliff.
Jack runs the local corner store/newsagent, and ran the Sea Brigade on the side. Danny both did a paper round for Jack and was part of the Sea Brigade. Jack runs the local kayak hire store and the wildlife explorers program. Danny was part of the wildlife explorers program and always turned up in the morning to be part of it.

Episode 2Edit

Broadchurch Gracepoint
Jack remembers seeing Danny a couple of weeks earlier, arguing with a postman. Jack remembers seeing Danny a couple of weeks earlier, chatting with a hiker.
Hardy takes pills to recover from his wave of illness. Carver injects medicine to recover from his wave of illness.
Paul was new in Broadchurch, arriving a couple of years before Danny's death. Paul used to live in Gracepoint but left, only to return shortly before Danny's death.
It was revealed that in the Sandbrook case, two girls had died (revealed later in series). It was revealed that in the Rosemount case, three girls, named Sydney, Nina and Megan, had gone missing.

Episode 3Edit

It is around Episode 3 that the plots of the two shows start to diverge.

Broadchurch Gracepoint
Ellie asks Hardy around to dinner, reluctantly, at the suggestion of her husband. No mention of dinner.
Drugs and money not explored further. Carver decided that the cocaine and the money are connected and relevant to the investigation of Danny's death, leading to Carver calling Chloe to get her to tell him where she got the drugs from.
Ends on shot of a burning boat. A piece of paper with a phone number is found in Danny's clothes, and the episode ends on Carver finding out who the phone number belongs to (although not revealed to the audience).

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